PORTFOLIO companies have been selected by Hardware.City’s founder based on their unique characteristics, but within a very strict due diligence confine. While still relatively significant at this time, the risk profile of each company is clear, as is their path to revenue and global adoption.

Interested in Angel or Seed Fund investing in any of our hardware technology companies?

PASSIVE COLD CHAIN CryoLogistics Inc. is a Victoria-based manufacturer developing passive refrigeration boxes for low-cost, low-energy, temperature-stable food and pharmaceuticals transportation. A simple box is going to revolutionize the global cold chain industry. Visit Website. 

Hardware.City investment: multiple Series Preferred Seed rounds.

DRINKING WATER Acuva technologies is commercializing proprietary UV-LED based water purification systems for recreational, household and industrial markets. They are leading the transition from traditional mercury UV lamps to next generation UV-LED (ultraviolet light emitting diodes) for water treatment applications. Visit Website.

Hardware.City investment: multiple Seed rounds + Series A.

MEDICATION ADHERENCE Improper medication intake accounts for 25% of seniors hospital admissions and significantly affects their families emotional well-being. CuePath solves this problem with remote medication monitoring and smart packaging. Visit Website.

Hardware.City investment: multiple Seed rounds.

PRINTED TISSUES Aspect Biosystems Ltd. is a privately held biotechnology company operating at the leading edge of 3D bioprinting and tissue engineering. The company has been built on over 10 years of R & D. Formed through a collaboration between world-class research groups in Engineering and Medicine at the University of British Columbia. Visit Website.

Hardware.City investment: Series A SAFE note conversion & exit.

INSECT PROTEIN Enterra Feed Corporation, manufactures and markets sustainable insect-based feed ingredients. They convert pre-consumer food waste into high-value protein, oil and natural fertilizer products that are used as ingredients for food production – they call it Renewable Food for Animals and Plants™. Visit Website.

Hardware.City investment: multiple Seed rounds.

FOOD/PHARMA PRESERVATION EnWave Corporation offers industrial-scale low-energy dehydration technology for commercial applications in the food, pharmaceutical and cannabis industries. Visit Website.

Hardware.City investment: multiple Private Placements.